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WVEL 1140 AM
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Gospel Experience Church Telecast
Every Thursday at 5:00pm and Sunday Night 7:30-8:00pm
on channel 22(Comcast)
featuring the annointed preaching of 
Pastor Richard K. Hammonds, Ph.D.

Pastor Hammonds has published and is selling copies of his books titled “The Pentecostal Movement” & "Marriage and Relationships" Words of Wisdom and Inspiration".  To order your copy please contact Sis. Yvette at (309) 339-4240 or call the church at (309) 686-0335. Call and get your copy today!

DVD's $10
"Just Shut Up"
"Back by Popular Demand"
"Wait Until the Midnight Hour"
"When the Spirit Moves You Move-Just LikeThat"
"Stop Living Beneath Your Privilege"
"Critcal, but Stable"
"Prodigal Son"

CD's $7
"I Got This"
"It Looks Bad But I Feel Good About It"
"What Should You Do When Trouble Troubles You"
"If Jesus Raised Lazarus, He Can Raise You"
"What Got You Here Won't Get You There"
"Kicked To The Curb"
"Your Deliverance is on the Backside of the Mountain"
"Lord Revive These Bones"
Black History Program
"Why Did I Get Married?"
"A Cripple Man, A Cripple Church, & Two Broke Preachers"
"It's Sunday, but Monday's Coming"
"This is no Time to Quit the Race"
"Show Me the Money"
"Whatever You Do, Abide in the Vine"
"Stop Trippin' and Start Dippin'"
"This is a Setup from Heaven"
"I Got the Spirit of My Mama"
"The Benefit of Living Saved"
"Jesus is all You Need"
"We Are Family"
"Go Get a Second Opinion"
"You Need To Have An Attitude of Gratitude"

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