The Church of Power, Compassion, and Praise

About Our Pastor

Born in Gary, Indiana to Pastor Rozelle and Gladys Hammonds, Pastor Richard K. Hammonds began his ministry under the leadership of the late Bishop C.E. Bennett of Saints Home C.O.G.I.C. of Gary, Indiana and the late Pastor Walter H. Lee of Peoria Illinois. The name Gospel Experience came to Pastor Hammonds while he was in High School, growing up in Indiana.The name stayed with him until the Lord spoke to him to start a church. Henceforth, the Gospel Experience Church came into reality.

The Gospel Experience Church started in the auditorium of the YMCA in 1979. From this location we would move to 511 Spring St until our present location at 3101 NE Madison. In 1993, Pastor had a vision to add a new auditorium to the chuch. In October of 1995, we began construction. A new church auditorium was built with a seating capacity of 250. In January 2005, the church caught fire, but God has restored our church and set our souls on fire.

Pastor Hammonds graduated from West Side High School in Gary, Indiana. He received a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Bradley University, a Bachelors Degree in Practical Theology from the International College of Bible Theology, a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Midwest Theological Seminary in Missouri, and a Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary in Swartz, Louisiana.

Our leader has worked for many years in the Illinois Department of Corrections where he held sevearl positions including: Correctional Officer, Counsel I and II, and also Chaplain of the Illinois River Correctional Center and  awork camp serving approximately 2,000 inmates. He is a former member of the American Corrections Association, the Illinois Corrections Association, and the national Asscoiation of Blacks in Criminal Justice for many years. During this time, he was a hostage negotiator for the state. Pastor Hammonds has been invited to the Govenor's mansion in Springfield, Illinos where he received the Illinos State Employees "Reach Out" Award in 1993 for his work in the community and his church. He received the Volunteer of the Year Award in 1994 from the Department of Corrections. Has has also been featured in a local black newspaper called the Traveler for his work in corrections and the church. Pastor Hammonds has since retired from the Department of Corrections as of January of 2003 and is now teaching in Peoria Public Schools and is also a counselor for Catholic Charities.

Through his television broadcast airing on Tuesday and Sunday nights and his radio broadcast airing on Sundays, (which can now be heard worldwide), many have called for help, salvation, and deliverance. Through 29 years of Pastoring he is yet preaching anointed sermons such as: "I Got This", "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There", "It Looks Bad, But I Feel Good About It", "Things My Mama Taught Me", "You've Seen the Glory, but You Don't Know the Story", "Who Told You to Leave the Prayer Room", "Out of Your Misery Comes Your Ministry", "Stop Tripping and Start Dipping", and
"It's Sunday, But Mondays Coming".

Pastor Richard K. Hammonds has ambitons to purchase a larger church, to host a Pastors Conference, to develop a minstry to aid in drug/alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, and for Gospel Experience Church to become a training station for new and struggling ministries. People everywhere are finding out that our Pastor is truly a man of Power, Compassion, and Praise.

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